Pinpoint Innovation®, Inc.

Pinpoint Innovation®, Inc. is a Strategic Consulting and Product Design & Development firm.

Pinpoint Innovation® is led by our Founder and President, Shad Arnold, LC, CLC, MIES. Mr. Arnold is an author, speaker, award winning designer, and innovator across a number of industries and business sectors, including leadership platforms within the NGO/Non-Profit space.

Prior to launching Pinpoint Innovation® in 2006, Mr. Arnold drove industrial design, invention, and marketing initiatives as an independent enterprise contractor, creating new ground-breaking products and leading advancement initiatives within the lighting, retail, food, industrial, and outdoor sports product categories. That experience, combined with real-world sales, marketing, business development, and management spanning over 32 years, defines the foundation of Pinpoint Innovation®.

Our innovation proficiency and experience in the IP space is just the beginning. At Pinpoint Innovation®, we direct specific and careful attention to the product, design, marketing, sales, and distribution channels. It is the hallmark of the Pinpoint Innovation® brand and reflects our commitment to bring lasting and profitable value to every consultation and project. We are obsessed with the success of our clients! Whether small, medium, or large, your business matters, and we work to ensure a stand-out result.

Pinpoint Innovation® operates by the motto: “Good is the Enemy of Great!” This drives us to develop lasting value-based improvements and exceed our client’s expectations.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

- Albert Einstein